About Me.

I have been programming and working with computers most of my adult life. Originally trained as a graphic designer I started tinkering with programming in the early days of the microcomputer revolution.

Derry Thompson. Taken by Gloria  Hansen on the roof gardens of Trump Tower NYC 2001With the arrival of computer based graphic design and publishing, I found my skill sets ideally placed. I published one of the first Macintosh produced publications in the UK, this received several DTP awards.

Throughout the 80s & 90s I worked extensively in the graphics and pre-press arena and was a founder member of Apple UK's Pre-Press council. I published my first web site in 1996 (for my local soccer club) and since then have worked in both Europe and the USA designing and building web sites for clients.

An avid Mac user, I can usually be found glued to my my G4 Powerbook. I continue to publish scripts, write articles and beta test software whilst working with Gloria for GloDerWorks.

About This Site.

Originally I just registered this domain to stop any other "Derry Thompsons" swiping it. Not that there's many "Derry Thompsons" around ;). I just threw up a holding page that said "One day, When I get round to it". Eventually I did get round to it. I decided to use it as an exercise in coding to Standards Compliance and to experiment with a pure CSS based layout. Seemed to work OK. The picture of me at the top was taken by my partner Gloria Hansen while we were in San Francisco for MacWorld 2002, and the picture above was taken by her one afternoon in NYC.